Catalonia will hold regional elections Thursday, two months after separatist campaigners tried to declare independence from Madrid following a disputed referendum.

The central government seized control of the wealthy autonomous northern region after its parliament in Barcelona voted for independence on October 27, more than three weeks after 90 percent of Catalan residents voted in favor of secession in a referendum.

However, less than half the electorate took part in the vote.

Dozens of secessionist politicians were arrested in the aftermath, and the head of the regional government, Carles Puigdemont, fled to Belgium to escape arrest on charges of rebellion and sedition. Puigdemont is leading his party’s campaign in Thursday’s voting.

Eight members of the dissolved regional government and two prominent activists remain in jail.

Thursday’s election is unlikely to offer a definitive answer, with polls indicating votes will likely be divided across several different parties, each with differing positions on independence.


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Written by Glasworld

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